Weekly class!

UPDATE: There is no longer a WEEKLY YogaDance class at Yoga for Living. But the regular 3rd Friday of the month class at 7pm with YogaDance Diva Nikki is still very much in full swing! Click through to the studio site below for more info.

Remember what it was like to move your body before anyone tried to teach you the “right” way?

Come recapture the freedom ~ the FUN! ~ the true well-being and healing that is possible when you leave judgment at the door and embrace your own sweet self. Come as you are to join in this funky, sacred, inspirational dance of yoga that is for EVERY BODY. Enjoy a mix of yoga, dance, meditation, breath work, and evocative world music as you care for your body, mind, and spirit in the safest of spaces.

Let Your Yoga Dance®. HEALING THROUGH JOY!

For more information on this class or the studio, visit http://www.yogaforliving.net/dance-and-movement.php#yoga-dance-with-Nikki


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